Oregon Green Bits and metrc Interface

Green Bits and metrc have a Two-Way Sync.  However, the details that are pulled and pushed between the two systems varies.

I. METRC → Green Bits.

Green Bits pulls in from metrc:

  • Inventory Lists & Quantities
    • Anytime that you purchase from a producer, it will show up in metrc and then be pulled into your “Incoming Inventory List” within Green Bits.  You will then work within Green Bits to Receive Manifests
  • Return Manifests within the Inventory List

Tasks you will need to Manage in metrc:

  • Receiving Inventory
  • Submitting Return Manifests


II. Green Bits → METRC


Green Bits pushes the following information into metrc:

  • Package ID & whatever sales are associated with that package
  • All changes in quantity/inventory lists
  • Price of product
  • Closed manifests

Tasks Managed in Green Bits**:


**Please note - We require that you make all of your inventory and package adjustments directly in Green Bits. Any adjusted inventory in metrc will not be pulled in and tracked properly in Green Bits, will get you out of compliance, and will require you to clean up your inventory manually. However, all adjustments made within Green Bits will keep both systems up to date.

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