Printing Compliant Labels from the Back Office

After converting bulk flower into prepack or pre-roll units, you can mass print compliant labels by following these steps.

Before you setup: 

  • Check your internet connection
  • Make sure you have all hardware (see below)
  • Your router will need to be accessible
  • Install Google Chrome

Checklist of your hardware: 

  • Barcode Label Printer (Zebra ZD410 or Zebra LP 2824)
  • Power cord for Barcode Label Printer
  • Ethernet cable 
  • 2.25x4" labels
  • Personal Computer logged into Back Office  


To Install the Barcode Label Printer: 

1 Connect the power cord to both printer and power outlet.

2 Load 2.25x4" labels.

For Zebra LP 2824 Plus - See Zebra's LP 2824 User Guide, pages 13-17.

For Zebra ZD410 - See Zebra's ZD410 Setup Guide

3 Connect the printer to your wireless router. Be sure to connect the printer to LAN and not WAN. 

4 Turn on the printer. The On/Off button will be on the right side. 

5 Go to the Settings page in the Back Office. Note: Printing these labels requires Google Chrome. You can download this web browser here.

6 Click Label Printer in the side navigation bar.

7 Install the label printing app. A new window will pop up, prompting you to install the app in Google Chrome. Note: This must be done from a PC or Mac, not from the iPad. You will not be able to install this app on the iPad. 

8 Click "Launch Printer Config."

9 The printer's IP address should show up automatically. Set the printer as the default.


Not showing up? You can manually enter the IP address! 

Note - The printer's IP address should show up automatically, but if it doesn't there is a way to manually enter the IP address by clicking on the Settings button next to refresh. To find the IP address of your printer manually, you'll need to print a configuration report

Click the Settings icon, and you'll be able to manually enter the IP address that's listed on the top of your configuration report. 

To Print a configuration Report:

For Zebra LP 2824 Plus - you may need to do a factory reset. Hold the Receipt Printer button down for 3-5 seconds until the green light blinks once, and try again.

For Zebra ZD410 - hold down the feed and cancel button while the printer is turned on. The configuration report should print out. 

10 Do a test print to verify that everything is working correctly.




To print package labels from the Back Office:

1. Convert bulk flower into a product that is measured in units (e.g. pre-roll, prepack). A "print labels" button will appear next to the convert save button. 

2. You can also go to a converted product and select "Print Package Label" from the Actions menu.

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