Reprinting Order Labels at the Register

Do you need to reprint the labels associated with an order?

Whether it’s the patient sale information label or the weight label for a line item, we’ve got you.

Note: When you reprint labels, it will print all labels associated with the order like when the order was originally completed. This includes the patient sale information label and the weight label for each line item.

Before you begin

  • Connect your label printer your local network.
  • Pair your register with your label printer.

Option 1) Reprint Immediately

When you complete the order, you will be presented with a screen where you reprint receipts. There is a button there to reprint all labels.

Option 2) Reprint Later

  1. Find the completed order
  2. Tap the “Receipt” button.
  3. You’ll see two buttons appear. One of them will be a button to reprint all labels.


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