Printing Weight Labels at the Register

You’ve got some inventory that you keep and track as a weighted product. You’d like to sell a portion of that to the customer, weighed out to their desired amount. We call that “deli-style.” Here’s how you can print the a label for the weighed out amount.

Before you begin

  • Connect your label printer your local network.
  • Pair your register with your label printer.
  • If you decide not to use our default, compliant labels, for your state, you can setup your own custom label template
  • Ensure that you have weight based product to sell.
  • Fill in any of the additional, supported information you want to show on the label for the weight based product.

1. Create the order.

  1. Find the inventory you want to sell on the register.
  2. Once you’ve selected the inventory, you’ll be prompted with a weight input pop up. If you are using our integrated scale to weigh the product, then the weight will auto fill that input. Otherwise, you’ll need to manually enter the weighed amount in.
  3. Tap the confirm button on the pop up.

Note: The register will print 1 label for each weight based line item, even if the line items are for the same product. This is because each line item represents an individually weighed and wrapped package of the product, and as such needs it own weight label. If that is not your intention, then remove the line item, and re-weigh with all desired amounts of the product.

2. Complete the order.

When an order contains line items for weight based products, the register will automatically print labels containing the product information.

Note: The labels will print in conjunction with the patient sale information labels if this is a medical order.

If you are using our default templates, they’ll contain all of the information required for your state.

Reprinting the Patient Recreation Label

Sometimes you need to reprint the weight labels. We offer two ways to do so.


Make sure that the label printer is connected to your printer local network and retry pairing with your register again.

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