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Huzzah for menu integration! You can publish live menu updates with various partners of ours like Weedmaps, Leafly, Baker and more. To do so, follow the steps below detailing how to set up your Menu Groups, which will automatically sync information from your inventory to the specified partner.

For each Menu Group, you will create a set of parameters that will filter the product list based on different product fields. Then, those products will be formatted to fit a uniform menu listing.

Before creating your Menu Feeds, it's a good idea to make sure you have your product list up to date and structured well.  Check out these articles on Product Types and Naming Conventions.

Keep in mind that, although this is a bit of manual work up front, once you've configured the integration, we'll automatically update the menu on your behalf!

1 Starting on the Menu Feeds page, click Add Menu Feed.

2 Give your menu a name and select which menu integration you're setting up. This name is just for your reference. On each menu listing service, it will show the name of your store.

3 Connect your menu with selected partner by following one of the steps below, depending on which partner you choose:


Leafly - For Leafly this will be done during the publishing of the feed after setup.


4 Once you've selected the desired menu listing partner, you'll see a list of default Menu Groups. Here is where you will filter the products that get published to that menu. Each group will be separated by product type (Flower, Concentrate, Edibles, etc.), with most groups offering default filter settings. Most of these will be ready to go. For some Menu Groups you'll simply edit the filters to refine that group's list of products. Essentially, each menu will pull the text from the filters you select. So if there is data in the {{strain}} field, it will automatically pull that information and post on the menu. Really, you're just matching the parameters from Green Bits to the digital menu.

5 As you edit each field, utilize the preview function in the top right of the page to view what your menu will look like when published. Here you will see your successful listings, as well as unsuccessful ones that will display an error message which will give tips as to which product information to adjust in Green Bits.

For example, note the pink background indicating an error below. In the two examples, the errors demonstrate missing data for the name and price. To fix them, find the products associated with the errors and adjust the parameters associated with the error, i.e. "Missing data to populate name: {{brand}} and {{strain}}." So here, you would go to that product and make sure there is a brand and strain entered in their respective fields so the menu has text to pull.

6 Repeat for the rest of the product groups to create a comprehensive menu with all of your products.

7 Once you are ready to publish your menu, click the Publish button for this menu on the Menu Feeds page. This will begin automatically feeding the correct product information to that partner. 

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