Checking in Customers

Here's how to check in customers on arrival and pull up their information at the register later:

Enabling Customer Check-In

1. Visit the Settings section in the Green Bits Back Office

2. Click Store Options

3. Check the Customer Queue box

You can now check in customers when they arrive.

Checking In a Customer

1. Visit the Customers section of the Green Bits Back Office

2. Visit the Customer Queue section

3. Search for an existing or add a new customer to check in

4. Click the green "Check In" button to add that customer to the queue

That customer will now show up in the queue on your store registers. Simply select that customer to begin the transaction. You can also remove them from the queue or start a manual transaction with a different customer.

Checking In a Customer Without Saving Information

1. Click the first result when you search for a customer.

2.  Click Check-In and add this person to the queue as a temporary customer (no information will be saved).

3. If you have permission to save that customer's information, check the permission box and add customer information. Checking this will save the customers information.

4. Click Save and Check In to save that customer and add them to the queue

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