Set up your Ethernet Receipt Printer

Use the steps below to set up and start using your Star TSP100 receipt printer with Green Bits. Please note: this article applies only to the Ethernet models. The TSP100 Eco USB printer, though similar, is not compatible with Green Bits.

Connect your Printer to your Network

1. Connect the power cord to the back of the printer, but don't turn it on yet

2. Connect an Ethernet cord to the port on the back of the printer, then connect the other end to your network. Depending on your specific setup, this may be by connecting directly to a router, or to another networking device such as a network switch or Wi-Fi extender, or possibly to a wall-mounted Ethernet port that is connected to the network.

3. Run a network configuration test to verify the printer is connected to your network

a) Push and hold the FEED button on the front of the printer

b) While continuing to hold FEED, power on the printer by flipping the switch on the left side

c) Continue holding FEED for 3-5 seconds, or until the printer starts printing. Release the FEED button, and the printer should now print two separate sheets with diagnostic information

4. Disregard the first sheet labeled "Network Configuration", and check the IP Address listed under "Current IP Parameters Status" on the second sheet. 

a) IP Address and/or "did not obtain" will indicate that the printer is not connected to your network. This may be due to a physical disconnection of the Ethernet cord either from the back of the printer, or from your network device(s). Verify that the Ethernet cord is securely connected to both the Ethernet port on the back of the printer, and to a network device (typically a router, network switch, or wall-mounted Ethernet port). Visit our [Ethernet Receipt Printer Troubleshooting] article for further assistance.

b) If the IP Address listed is not or "did not obtain", then the printer is connected to your network. Note the IP address - typically this will start with 192.168, 10.0, or 10.1.

5. On your iPad, open Settings and then Wi-Fi. 

6. Verify your iPad is connected to your Wi-Fi network, then tap the "i" in the blue circle off to the far right of your network name.

7. On the next page you'll see an IP Address listed. Verify that the first 3 sets of numbers here match the first 3 sets of numbers on the Current IP Parameters Status sheet from the printer. For example, and, or and are matches. and would not be a match. If you don't have a match, visit our [Ethernet Receipt Printer Troubleshooting] article for further assistance.

Connecting the Printer to the Cash Drawer

8. Locate the cable that was included with the cash drawer, and connect the narrower end of this cable to the DK port on the back of printer

9. Connect the wider of the cable end to the underside of the cash drawer

Connecting your Printer to Green Bits

10. Sign into the Green Bits register app

11. Tap on the stacked white lines in the top left corner to open the menu shown below, and tap Settings



12. Now tap on the  Receipt Printer button [need updated image]



13. Within a few seconds, the printer should show up here as [how does an ethernet printer show up here?]. Tap the switch to the on/green position [need new image]



14. Tap the Test Print button to test the receipt printer connection with the register app. When you see this, you are connected and can start printing receipts.

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