Medical-Only Compliance Warnings

Products classified as "medical" in the Washington state traceability system include an additional field in Green Bits labeled Medical Subtype.

Medical Subtype includes three classifications: High CBD and General Use, which can both be sold to recreational customers, and High THC, which can only be sold to medical patients.

Attempting to sell a High THC product to a recreational customer will result in a compliance warning at the register. If you encounter a compliance warning on a product that you've confirmed is approved for recreational sale, you can edit the Medical Subtype in Back Office.

First, go to Products and search the SKU/lot number that's triggering the compliance warning. In this example, we have CBD Tincture that was mistakenly marked High THC. Click the product name to view the details.

From the product detail view, scroll down to the SKU/Lot Number section, then click Actions > Edit.

Near the top of the Edit Inventory view, click the Medical Subtype field and change it from High THC to High CBD or General Use, whichever is appropriate for the given product. Save your changes, and you should now be able to sell this product to both recreational customers and medical patients.

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