Release 1.9

When you update your Green Bits Register to version 1.9, your budtenders will be required to enter the amount of cash in the drawer and the start and end of every shift. This will produce a report in the Back Office with a detailed report of where the cash is going and if the drawer is over or under. See below for a detailed description of how this works.

Features included in this release:

Open / Close Drawer

At the beginning of the day, your bud tenders will enter the starting amount of cash in the drawer. When the day is done, enter the final cash amount to close the drawer. 

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Paid In / Paid Out Transactions

See a list of all cash deposits or withdrawals from the register, and add notes to remember where the money goes. See more here. Click to learn about Paid In / Paid Out transactions.

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Z Reports

The Back Office app now supports Z reports for each register. These reports contain a breakdown of sales by marijuana and paraphernalia, as well as the expected and reported balances of the drawer. Learn more about Z Reports.


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