Release 1.12

Release 1.12 includes updates to the Register and Inventory apps, and a few other goodies.

In your inbox:

Daily emails

We’re currently testing a daily batch of emails that include a Product List, Product Adjustments, Sales Transactions, and a QuickBooks Export file. Eventually these reports will be accessible for view or download on the Back Office - let us know what you think of each report at!

Product List: See a full list of your current inventory and per-item counts.

Product Adjustments: See how your inventory has changed since yesterday’s product list.

Sales Transactions: See every sales transaction your store had in the previous day.

QuickBooks Export: Import this file into QuickBooks to stay up to date on how your business is doing.

On the updated Register:

Added voids / removed refunds

On the Activity page in the Register app, you’ll now see that the Refund button has been replaced with the Void button. We’ve made this change because we saw very few customers issuing refunds, but quite a few who needed something along the lines of a void. 

Voiding a sale will make it as though the sale never occurred: use this option when you ring up an order incorrectly and need to re-ring the items, or to remove a sale that was erroneously submitted.

If for some reason you need to do a refund and not a return, enter a Paid Out transaction from the Manage Cash page.

Email or text customer receipts

At the end of checkout, your customers will now have the option to enter a phone number or email address. Once you hit Tender to complete checkout, turn the iPad around to your customer so they can choose a delivery method for their receipt. On the next screen the customer will see “Thank you for your purchase!’ - tap the screen to start a new order.

On the Back Office:

Sales revenue over day and time

The next time you login to the Back Office, you’ll see a new sales report. This report helps you see which days and times are best for you business. Keep an eye on this report for more updates soon. Learn more about the new sales report!


In the Inventory app:

As a little icing on the cake, manifests now import with more detailed item names!

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