Release 1.11

The Green Bits team is happy to announce the upcoming release of version 1.11. With this update, we’ve added a few features that we think will improve the Green Bits experience:

Customizable receipts

You can now change what customers see on their receipts. Upload a logo, add company info like address, website and phone number, and add extra text to the bottom of your receipts. Print a test receipt to see how your new receipt looks, and keep tweaking until it’s just right. Learn more about customizable receipts.

Receipts for paid in / paid out

So, it’s the end of the day and you’re closing the register. You need to pull money out and put it in the safe, but it needs to be labeled before going in. With this updated feature, your receipt printer will automatically print out a note any time you create a paid in or paid out transaction

Barcode scanner setup

In the Settings section of the Register app, you'll see new options under Device Setup: the Barcode Scanner page. Use this page to check that your scanner is connected and scan the barcode pictured to ensure your scanner is in the right mode. Print a test receipt if you can't scan the barcode from your iPad.

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