Release 1.13

With this release, we added a few important features and fixed some pesky bugs! Take a look below to see what’s new.

Refresh data from server when app comes back into view

Do you find yourself having to kill the app in order to see a pending manifest or change to your customized receipt? No more! With this fix, we'll automatically refresh the app any time you bring it up after idling or minimizing. 

New error messages for network issues

We've replaced the generic "Something went wrong" error message with more descriptive errors. 

You’ll now see a new icon in the upper-right corner of the Register app when your device is not connected to the internet. We’ve also added new error messages to let you know when your network connection is the cause of an error.

Success / Failure tones for barcode scanner

The barcode scanner will now make different tones on successful or failed attempts to scan.


Device name now included in Register bar

You’ll now see the name of your device at the top of the register page.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed spaces to be added to manually-created skus
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the barcode scanner from working when entering a return
  • Fixed a bug that allowed manual entry of marijuana products
  • Fixed a bug that would allow the user to end the drawer, but the “End Drawer” modal would never disappear
  • Fixed a problem that caused nightly reports to display poorly on mobile devices
  • Fixed a bug that would allow double-voiding of orders
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