Release 1.14

Inventory Adjustments

Green Bits customers now have the ability to make inventory adjustments directly from the Inventory app. On the Inventory page, select a product and then select a sku: on the next page, enter the amount of the product that you counted, select a reason for the adjustment, and write a quick note. You’re all set!

Password Reset

If you forget the password to your Green Bits account, head to the Back Office ( to request a new password. We’ll email you a link to reset it. Keep in mind that resetting the password on your main account will mean you need to login to the back office, register, and inventory with the new password you create.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug that prevented saving of discount plans if one previously failed to save. 
-Added more specific error messages for network issues on the printer and scanner setup pages.
-Fixed an issue that allowed two products to be created with the same name.

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