Register 1.16 and Inventory 1.11

Though it may have gotten cold outside, the Green Bits team has been keeping warm and working hard to help make running your retail business easy. With Register 1.16 and Inventory 1.11, we’re bringing you new features, improved app performance, and updates to the Back Office.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Included in this release are the first of a larger set of features designed around customer loyalty programs. In this first installment, we've added the ability to attach a customer to an order before or  after checkout, and view your customer list on the Back Office. 

You’ll also have a dedicated link that customers can use to sign up. Open the link on your iPad or an in-store kiosk to collect customer contact information.

Manage your loyalty program here, or read more about customer loyalty programs here.

In an upcoming release we’ll add reporting features for this list. We’ll also use your feedback to help determine and prioritize other features for the loyalty program, so let us know what you’d like to see!

Improved performance on Register and Inventory

The Activity page now includes activity from other registers, and displays and searches all of your store’s transactions, from your store’s first day until today. We’ve also improved overall app performance with smarter network syncing and improved syncing between multiple registers.  

Back Office / Improved Reporting

As you may have recently seen on the new Green Bits Status Page, we’ve also made some backend and database changes in order to add new features to the Back Office and reports. 

You can now view your product list on the Back Office, and filter to see only marijuana or paraphernalia products. Also added to the back office is a breakdown of cash vs debit sales on the Sales Report for stores that accept Cashless ATM.

You’ll also notice the ability to add, edit or remove users on your Green Bits account from the Users page.

For the next release, we’ll be adding even more reporting features, changes to the customer loyalty program, and product pricing by weight. See below for a list of changes in the app and bug fixes.

Happy Holidays!
-Green Bits

Register 1.16 Changelog

Customer loyalty program: attach a customer to an order by searching email or phone number while ringing up items, or by entering an email address or phone number for electronic receipt.

The Activity page now features unlimited sales history and search. You can now look through all of your sales, back to the first sale you processed, and search on the same.

Users can now see activity from other registers in their own registers’ Activity page.

Register 1.16 Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that prevented scanning an item on the Returns page.
Resolved an issue that caused receipts to display (null) if no state was selected for the store.
Fixed a bug that would crash the app upon viewing a receipt.
Removed a bug that would prompt the user to start the drawer after it had already been started.
Fixed an issue causing the loading indicator to remain visible after loading had finished.
Fixed a bug that prevented dismissal of a loading indicator on the Manage Cash page.
Fixed a bug allowed returns and voids while the cash drawer was closed.
Fixed a bug that would crash the app when viewing receipts.  

Inventory 1.11 Changelog

Added validation on skus to prevent bad/unreadable barcodes

Inventory 1.11 Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that would allow creation of two products with the same name.
Fixed a bug that would reject a pending manifest even if it was accepted.
Resolved an issue that would cause pending lots to duplicate in inventory.  

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