Release Notes: Register 1.17.2 / Inventory 1.13

With this release we’ve added categories to inventory items and updated the product list and weekly sales report on the Back Office.
The first change you’ll notice with this release will be on the updated inventory app: you’ll now be able to set a category when moving a pending lot or creating an inventory item, and the inventory list can be sorted by category. 
To manage your categories, head to the Categories page on the Back Office to create, update, edit, and delete all of your categories. Once your categories are set, head over to the Product List where you can sort by category and edit your inventory, including category, product name, and sell price. While you’re there, take a look at the new Weekly Sales Report, which can now be filtered for any week of the year. Be sure to check out the sales totals below the report to see exactly how much you’re selling throughout the day.
Finally, you’ll notice that your store name now appears on barcode labels in addition to your UBI.
Coming up in the next release: ability to hide inventory items and mark inactive, vendor tracking, even more reports! 
See below for a list of changes and bug fixes.
Register Changelog:
Bug Fixes:
-Resolved an issue that would cause a crash when trying to print a receipt
Inventory Changelog:
-Barcode labels now include the store name in addition to the UBI
Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a bug that would cause a silent fail when adding a paraphernalia item with a sku that already exists
-Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when trying to select a pending lot without a purchase price

Back Office Changelog:
-We’ve added the Categories page to allow you to create, update, edit, and delete categories
-You can now edit products directly from the Back Office: update category, name, and sell price on the Product List
-The weekly sales report now contains more info and can be filtered for different dates: click here

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a bug that prevented filtering on the Customers page
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