Register 1.18.2

1. Have Green Bits login credentials ready

To complete the switch to the new app, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID credentials to download the apps, and then log in with your Green Bits credentials on all devices. Make sure you have your correct credentials handy.

If you don’t remember your Green Bits login credentials, you can reset them using your email address here. Keep in mind that resetting your password will prevent logging in on all of your devices with that email address until the new password is entered.

2. Download update
When you’re ready to update, open the App Store on each iPad and search for Green Bits Register.
Tap Get to start the download - the updated app will replace the old version of Green Bits.
3. Link Devices
When you open the app, you’ll be asked to select a device. You can create a new device by selecting your store and entering the device name under the New Device tab.
You may be able to select a device that was previously linked to the account.

4. Reconnect hardware

     On each iPad:

  1. Navigate to Settings: under Device Setup, tap Printer setup.
  2. Find the printer for each iPad, and perform a test print.
            -For more info on setting up the barcode printer, click here.
  3. Back on the Settings page: under Device Setup, tap Barcode Scanner.
  4. If you don’t see a checkmark in the box for Scanner Detected, follow the steps here to relink your scanner.
  5. Next, scan the barcode on the screen, or tap on the blue text below to print out the barcode, and scan it to get the second checkmark.
  6. Once you have both checkmarks, your scanner is connected and ready to use.

    On the iPod:.

  • Navigate to Settings: tap Printer setup
  • Wait for the barcode printer to be found by Green Bits, and perform a test print.
  • For more info on setting up the barcode printer, click here.
  • Follow the steps for linking your mobile scanner here.

Once you’ve reconnected all of your hardware, you’re ready for business!


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