Create & Transfer Return Manifests in Washington

Did you know you can create and manage product returns from the Back Office? A list of all your return manifests and their status (Added, Waiting, and Transferred) can be found on the Return Inventory page.

Make sure to make split lots for all returns, even if you are returning the last of a lot.

Next to each manifest on the list, you'll also see buttons to download a PDF or request a void.

Click “+ Add Return Manifest” in the upper right to add a new manifest.

Fill out all of the required information for both your store and the destination.

NOTE: You must return all your inventory on hand for a particular lot. If you would like to return only part of a lot please visit the split lot page in the back office.

This form will verify that key information has been entered correctly. If you mistype a lot number, you’ll know!

After you ship a returned manifest, you can transfer it yourself by visiting the Return Inventory Page and clicking the TRANSFER button.

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