Receiving Manifests

Learn the Receiving process for marijuana, from truck arrival to prepping inventory for the sales floor.


1. Find the pending manifest in Green Bits

  • Click Inventory on top menu.
  • Click Incoming Inventory on the left menu.
  • Use drop-down to filter list and show Pending Manifests.
  • Click on the manifest you want to receive.

NOTE: If you are expecting a manifest but it does not show up here, hit the SYNC button in the top right corner to manually check Traceability. If the manifest still does not show up, contact your supplier to confirm that they have transferred the manifest in their system.

2. Match delivered products to the Manifest

  • Group products into piles according to their lot number.
  • Match product weights and lot numbers to the manifest.


3. Count the Matched products in each lot number

  • When count is greater than the manifest: Put the extras in a pile for the supplier to take back with them or pick up next time they visit the store.
  • When count is less than the manifest: Enter the exact amount you are physically receiving on the manifest
  • When actual counts match the manifest: Cheer!

4. Inspect all remaining products

  • Place damaged products in a pile for the supplier to take back with them. If they have already left you can create a return manifest for these items later and place them in your quarantine area for pickup.


5. Enter the cost per unit for each product from the supplier's invoice. The total at the top will help you reconcile the two documents.


6. Attach each lot number to a product.

Click the search for product button

If you've already added this product to your system use the Find Product filters to search for and select the right product

If this is a brand new product use the Add New Product page to create a new product for this lot

7. Accept the manifest in Green Bits. 

  • Click Save to accept the manifest. (This cannot be undone!)
  • Give supplier any products in the Return pile. (Then they leave the premises.)

NOTE: You may reject a manifest if it is only partially complete. You should definitely reject a manifest if it is entirely wrong. Just click the Reject button and give the products back to the processor.

Congratulations!!! You've accepted the manifest!



Before receiving marijuana into your inventory, the processor must transfer a manifest and you must accept it. 

When a processor transfers a manifest, it appears in Green Bits as "pending" in about 5 minutes. Contact your processor if your manifest is missing.

Accepting marijuana products makes them yours in the eye of the state. Take care to verify and inspect every product before accepting a manifest.

  • Each line on a manifest is a product that should be in the shipment. 
  • You will match and verify names, quantities, and costs. 
  • If something doesn't match, you must make adjustments before you accept it. 

Remember: The state considers you out of compliance if you accept without the processor on the premises. Always request that the supplier remain on premises until you have inspected and accepted the manifest. 

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