Bluetooth Receipt Printer Setup

Bluetooth printers are mobile and well-suited for businesses that require fast and frequent printing. The article below will help you set up the Star Micronics 654II Bluetooth receipt printer.

Pairing the Printer to the iPad

Please watch this video tutorial before beginning the setup process.


1. Plug the power cable into the right most port on the back of the printer

2. Power the printer on from the side switch

3. Load the roll of paper into the printer as shown below

4. Hold the PAIR button until the green light on the back starts blinking (about 8 seconds)

5. Visit your iPad Settings and open Bluetooth


6. Tap Star Micronics and wait for it to change to Connected

 *The back of the printer will have a blinking, then solid blue light confirming the connection to your iPad.


Connecting the Printer to the Cash Drawer

7. Make sure the printer is paired to the iPad

8. Plug included cable (small head end) into the DK port on back of printer

9. Connect the larger end to the underside of the cash drawer

Connecting to Green Bits

With hardware connected, go ahead and open the Green Bits Register app.

10. Sign in to Green Bits with your username and password

11. Tap on the stacked white lines in the top left corner to toggle all of the register features. Select the Settings page



12. Now tap on the Printer button


13. The app should find your printer, tap to switch ON

14. Tap the Test Print button to test the receipt printer connection with the register app. When you see this, you are connected and can start printing receipts.



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