Transaction Limits

Your state's retail compliance rules probably include limits for how much cannabis acustomer maypurchase in a single visit.

In Washington, for example, the limit for usable marijuana is one ounce. That is further broken down by form:

  • solid marijuana infused edibles: 16 oz.
  • liquid marijuana infused edibles: 72 oz
  • marijuana extract for inhalation: 7 g

Put away your calculator; Green Bits has you covered.

First, in the Green Bits Back Office, you can categorize each product according to whether it includes cannabis,how much, and its form.

Next, that data is picked up by the Green Bits Register. When a budtender rings up all the items in a transaction, our system is behind the scenes, calculating the total cannabis weight for that order.

When the budtender presses the "Charge" button, a warning window will pop-up, alerting the budtender of the potential for noncompliance.

The budtender can continue the sale (if, perhaps, a product's weight or categorization needs adjustment in the back office), or work with the customer to reduce their order size and bring its cannabis content into compliance.

Here's an example of that warning:

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