Shift Management: Starting and Ending a Drawer

Shift management is a great way to add structure to your cash management processes. Use the steps below to accurately track cash from your register to your safe:

1. Budtender starts drawer by entering the starting cash amount.

2. At end of shift budtender ends drawer.

There are two different workflows to choose from when ending the drawer:

  • Count the drawer at the point-of-sale and enter the ending balance on the Register App. There is a bill count feature to make this task easier.
  • Hit the "Enter Amounts Later" button, take the drawer to the back office and let another budtender immediately start a new shift and drop in a new drawer. This is called shift changes on the fly.

3. If your budtenders enter amounts later then shift reports will appear in the back office with an unreconciled status. You can view shifts from the Reports page.

Simply count out the cash, click the "Edit" button and enter the amounts to close the shift. Once the shift is closed you'll be able to see if the cash in the drawer matches what the POS counted.

NOTE: The drop amount is the cash that you're putting in the safe.

The left in drawer amount is any cash you plan on leaving in the cash drawer for the next shift.

For example, if you count $1,000 at the end of a shift but want to leave $200 as change for the next shift your amounts would be $800 and $200 respectively.

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