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Splitting lots is required whenever you need to create a product return and the number of units you're returning is less than the current quantity on hand. Split lots are confusing so let's take a look at an example to illustrate how the tool works:


Let's say you have 100 units of chocolate bars in your store. The tracking number associated with these chocolate bars is Lot A. After stocking your shelves you discover that the packaging is defective on 25 of the units and they are effectively unsellable. You get on the phone with your processor, hammer out a deal, and agree that the 25 units will be returned for a credit.


This is where it gets tricky... The state Traceability system is built on a rule that says a lot number can only exist in one location at one time. You have 100 units of chocolate bars in your store, all associated with Lot A. If you add Lot A to a return manifest you'll be returning 100 units when you only want to return 25.


Split lots to the rescue!!!

The only way to return these 25 units while keeping the remaining 75 for sale is to split the lot and create a new Lot B with 25 units. Here is how:


Step 1: Go to the Inventory page

Step 2: Find the split lot button on the side menu

Enter the lot number you need to split (in our case this was Lot A).

Replace the zero with the number of units you want to split away from that lot.

You'll receive a copy of the split lot via email - you'll also see the new lot available in the product view.

To learn more about returning product and creating transport manifests, click HERE

P.S. You will want to utilize the split lots function to process all returns in case a customer wants to return a faulty product.


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