Adding Paraphernalia and Other Non-Marijuana Products

Adding paraphernalia and other general merchandise in Green Bits works much the same way as managing marijuana products, with a few key differences. Follow the steps below or watch our video tutorial on Vimeo to add these products to your inventory and start selling.

1. Go to the Incoming Inventory page.

2. Click "Add Non-MJ Manifest/PO".

3. Find the invoice from your supplier and get ready to enter the information into Green Bits.

4. Fill out the header of your manifest.

5. Click "Add Item" until you have enough lines for each product.

6. Click "Search for products" to create a new product for this item or associate the inventory with an existing product. Add the quantity and cost per item/unit.

7. If an item already has a barcode label, enter the full SKU number in the Barcode field. Otherwise, specify your own SKU or click "Generate" to assign a random SKU.

8. Verify that the total Cost and Quantity at the top of your manifest match the supplier's invoice, then click Save.

That's it! Print barcode labels if necessary, and start ringing these items up at the register right away.

NOTE: The cost per item on your supplier invoice may occasionally break down to fractional cents. In this case, round to the nearest penny and be aware that the manifest total will not exactly agree with the total on your invoice.

If your supplier charged you for sales tax, shipping, or other fees, you can either average these costs into the cost per item or simply exclude them.

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