Leafly/Green Bits Integration

Leafly menu integration has arrived! Now you can set up Green Bits to auto update your menu without tons of manual data entry. To do so, follow the steps below detailing how to customize your Menu Groups which will automatically sync information from your product list to Leafly. 

With each Menu Group, you'll edit a set of parameters that will filter your product list based on different characteristics. 

Before getting going on editing your Menu Groups, it's a good idea to make sure you have your product list up to date and structured well.  Each field (strain, flower type, concentrate type, etc.) needs to have the same formatting, and pay attention to capitalization, spacing, and punctuation. You'll want these fields to match what Leafly has, so each strain can pull the proper info on the Leafly database. Check out these articles on Product Types and Naming Conventions.

Keep in mind that although this is a bit of manual work up front, once you've configured the integration, we'll automatically update the menu on your behalf!


1 Starting on the Menu Feeds page, click Add Menu Feed.

2 Add a name to your menu, and select which platform you'll be publishing to (Leafly)

3 Once you've selected the Leafly platform, you'll see a list of default Menu Groups. Here is where you will filter the products that get published to Leafly. Each group will be separated by product type (Flower, Concentrate, Edibles, etc.), with most groups offering default filter settings. Most of these will be ready to go. For some Menu Groups you'll simply edit the filters to refine that group's list of products. 

4 As you edit each field, utilize the preview function in the top right of the page to view what your menu will look like when published. Here you will see your successful listings, as well as unsuccessful ones that will display an error message. Those messages will give tips as to which product parameter to adjust in Green Bits so the listing will populate to Leafly. For example, note the pink background indicating errors below. In the two examples, the errors demonstrate missing data for the name and price. To fix them, find the products associated with the errors and adjust the parameters associated with the error, i.e. the price and data needed for the name "{{brand}} and {{strain}}".

5 Once everything looks good and there are no more error messages in the preview function, save the Menu Feed, and return to the Menu Feed list screen. From there click Publish on Green Bits. In order to publish with Green Bits data, we need to delete your existing Leafly Menu. You will prompted with a confirmation dialog. Once you accept, you will be redirected to Leafly for authorization.

6 Click Authorize to be re-directed to Leafly.

7 Enter your Leafly credentials and hit Login.

8 Click Yes, Allow to grant permissions to Leafly to gain access for updating your menu.

9 After being re-directed back to Green Bits, select your store to publish to Leafly.

10 Set up complete! Now you should see your menu populate on Leafly with all of your active products.

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