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Stores that receive marijuana flower products in bulk, need to create pre-rolls or pre-packaged amounts in the Back Office to keep operations on the sales floor smooth. Here are the steps you'll need to take in order to convert products from weight based bulk products to unit based products in the Green Bits Back Office.

Before you begin

Before converting weight based packages to units, you must assign the weight based package tag to a weight based product from the incoming inventory screen.

1. Create the new product you will be converting to

In this example, we want to create 1g pre-rolls of Trainwreck from bulk flower. Set the unit of measure as “Units” (since you sell each preroll individually). Save the new product once you’ve filled in the details.

2. Select the bulk product

Select the bulk product from which you want to create smaller units based products from in the Products section of the Back Office. This product will be measured in grams, ounces, or pounds under “Quantity.”

3. Select the ID

Scroll down to the SKU/Package ID of the selected bulk product that you will be converting from and click “Actions  Convert”.

4. Visit the Convert page

This will take you to the Convert page, where the bulk product will be packaged and converted into a new product. Most often, these are unit-based pre-rolls, pre-weighed flower containers, etc. 

Note: Make sure that the unit of measure between the new product and the quantity field on the convert page matches.

5. Choose the quantity

Choose the amount of product you want to create (for example, 10 pre-roll units), the weight of each unit (such as 1g), and make sure you have that much available to convert (10g from the bulk package). 

Next, assign the product (note the unit of measure!), assign it a SKU/barcode, and click “Save”.

Note: You can easily see a breakdown of your gross weight between multiple products after converting to units. To do so, go to the Packages page under Inventory, search for the package you want to review, and click “Actions Adjust Quantity”. You can also edit the quantities from this page if you need to adjust some of those pre-rolls back from units to weight-based.

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