Weigh Heavy Pricing

With weigh heavy pricing, you can charge tier prices even when the product weighs slightly more. For example, with a weigh heavy option of 0.2g, any weight between 1g and 1.2g would be priced the same as if you weighed 1g.

To get started with weigh heavy pricing follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Green Bits back office.

2. Go to the Pricing Tiers section

3. Choose the pricing tier that you’d like to apply weigh heavy pricing to

4. Type in the weigh heavy amount you’d like to apply to your pricing tiers

5. Click Save

Now when you sell a product that weighs above the tier limit but within that weigh heavy amount, the customer will still be charged the tier price. Note: weigh heavy pricing only applies if the weight is above the tier limit, not below. 

Keep in mind, for inventory and reporting purposes, Green Bits will track and report the exact amount that was sold.

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