Creating Custom Labels

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You can customize your labels for use with the Weigh Station and the Integrated Scale.  

Note: This will not work with Colorado labels due to the ingredients requirement exceeding Zebra Designer software capabilities.

The process

  1. Connect the label printer to a Windows PC via USB. 
  2. Download and open the Zebra label designer software onto the PC. You can download it on Google Drive.
  3. Install the printer. File > Install Printer.  The wizard will walk you through the steps. It will ask you to choose a printer (choose ZD410 203 dpi ZPL) then it will ask you which port the printer is connected to. Important: Make sure you choose USB from the list. 
  4. Open the WEIGHT.lbl file attached to the end of this article in the Zebra design program. Do not change the name of this file. 
  5. Edit the template. 
  • To add a new text box, click “text” on the left and then click on the label. You'll be prompted for the text you want. You can then move the text box around to where you want it.
  • To add a text box that pulls data from Green Bits, see the “Template Variables” section at the end of this article.

Print the label to see if it comes out the way you want it to (File > Print). You'll have to fill in temporary information for each field it asks you for (later, it will pull directly from Green Bits).

Save it when you’re done. Do not change the file name. 

Upload to printer. File > Export to Printer (choose “internal flash” as the export method).

Template variables

To add a new field that links to Green Bits data, click the drop-down menu next to “Text” and choose “keyboard input”. These are the available variables that will pull data from Green Bits. Type each exactly as-is:

  • weight
  • sku
  • package_id
  • producer_name
  • harvest_lot_number
  • harvest_date
  • test_lab_name
  • test_batch_number
  • test_analysis_dates
  • pesticides_text
  • ingredients_text
  • retailer_license_number
  • strain
  • product_type
  • flower_type
  • cbd
  • thc
  • packaged_date 
  • cultivator_license_number
Please note that Green Bits doesn’t support the Zebra Custom Label Template. If you run into blockers uploading the file, reach out directly to Zebra Customer Support at
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