Register Kit Installation

Green Bits Register enables your employees to ring up sales quickly and reliably. This article provides an overview, with links to detailed instructions, to get your Register up and running.

Who should install?

  • IT professional, technical employee, or technical friend.
  • No knowledge of cannabis, dispensary operations or retail required.

Overview Diagram

Below is a high level diagram of how all the register components will connect together. Click on the links below for detailed instructions on how to connect and configure each component.

Setup Instructions

It's recommended that you install the Register in the order below. Once each section is completed, you should test and verify everything is working properly before moving on to the next section. Lastly, some components are optional based on your store configuration and what is legal in your city, county, state, or country.

  1. iPad Setup
  2. Receipt Printer Setup
  3. Barcode Scanner Setup
  4. Label Printer Setup
  5. Scale Setup
  6. Weigh Station Setup
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