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After you add your inventory, you can set up your hardware in your store. Depending on the state you do business in and your set-up, you may not have all of the hardware.

Install all of your hardware, in this order:

  1. iPad: Activate your iPad.
  2. Green Bits Register app: Install the Green Bits Register app on your iPads.
  3. Receipt printer: Set up the printer that you will use to print receipts, depending on which printer you ordered:
  4. Barcode scanner: Set up the barcode scanner that you will use to scan barcodes on your products.
  5. Back Office label printer: Set up the wired, ethernet Back Office label printer that you will use to print pre-pack labels and paraphernalia barcodes.
  6. Register label printer: If you ordered a label printer to print deli-style flower labels and patient labels, set up your wired, ethernet register label printer.
  7. Integrated scale: Set up and configure the wired, ethernet integrated scale that you will use to weigh flower at the Register.
  8. Weigh station: If you ordered a separate station so you can weigh flower anywhere, set up your weigh station.

What's next

Great job setting up your hardware! Next, learn more about the Green Bits Register and reports.

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