Getting to Know Your iPad

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Get to know your iPad; the ports and plugs as well as the buttons along the side. 

Home Button

*The only button on the face of the iPad

This physical button takes you to the main iPad screen with all your icons.

Volume Controls

On the side near the camera, you'll find volume up/down buttons, and a switch to mute the iPad.

Lightning Connector

Apple's standard port for mobile devices since 2012. You'll find the lightening connector on iPad minis and iPads from the 4th generation on.

30-pin Connector

This wide, flat connector is standard on most Apple devices from 2003 to 2012.

Audio Port

Located on the side (near the camera) is a standard 3.5mm jack to work with everything from headphones to audio speakers

Sleep / Wake (Power) Button 

Flat button on the frame of the iPad. Taping this turns the screen off/on, holding it will power down the iPad.

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