Printing Labels from the Back Office

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In this article you'll learn how to print compliant package labels and barcode labels directly from the Green Bits Back Office.

Common uses for this feature include:

  • Pre-printing compliant package labels for pre-packaged flower or pre-rolls that you've created in-house.
  • Printing compliant package labels for items with missing, incomplete, or damaged labels.
  • Printing barcode labels for non-marijuana merchandise.

Also see our video tutorial on Vimeo.

Before you begin

Set up and connect your label printer to the Back Office.

Load the appropriate size label into your printer:

  • For package labels, use 2.25" by 4" thermal labels (in Nevada, use 4" by 3" thermal labels)
  • For barcode labels, use 2" by 1" thermal labels (all markets)

When changing label rolls, calibrate your printer to the new label size.

Note: barcode labels may be printed on any size label larger than 2" by 1", though there will be extra white space on larger labels.

Printing Compliant Package Labels

Package labels contain all the compliance information required in your state. You can print these labels from Back Office for any unit-based flower items, such as pre-packaged eighths or pre-rolls.

Select a unit-based item from your Products list.

Scroll down to the SKU/Package ID section at the bottom, find the SKU or package ID you need to print labels for, and click Actions > Print Package Label.

Note: this option is only displayed on unit-based items, and product types where the Transaction Limit Type is set to Flower.

Package labels for weight-based flower items can be printed from the register at the time of sale, or pre-printed from the Weigh Station.

You'll be prompted to specify the number of labels to print. By default, this will match the quantity on hand for the given SKU/package, though you can specify any quantity. Click OK to confirm, and your labels will begin to print within seconds.

Labels printing incorrectly or missing information? Check out our article on What To Do If Your Labels Are Missing Information

Printing Barcode Labels

You can print a barcode label for any SKU in your inventory, regardless of product type or whether it is sold in units or by weight.

The resulting label will include a barcode you can scan at the register, the SKU number, product name, your store name, and state-specific license information.

Tips and Recommendations

If you're printing barcode labels for a Metrc package ID, first click Actions > Edit and generate a new SKU. Metrc package IDs contain too many characters to fit on a barcode label.

If you're weighing bulk flower deli-style from a display jar, print a single barcode label and attach it to the display jar or keep it near the point of sale. A budtender can then scan the barcode instead of having to search for the appropriate SKU/package ID.

Print a single barcode label for odd-shaped items such as paraphernalia, frequently sold merchandise, or any other smaller items that you prefer not to label individually, and keep the label near the point of sale so budtenders can the barcode to ring sales quickly and easily.

If you find yourself needing to print a package label for a non-flower product type, change the product type to Flower, print your labels, then change the product type back to the appropriate one.

You can also print labels from the convert inventory tool.

If you are using the convert inventory tool to create pre-packs or pre-rolls from bulk flower, before converting be sure to go to Actions > Edit on the bulk SKU/package and add all necessary compliance information. That way the compliance information will be automatically transferred to converted SKUs.

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