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Creating a customer in Green Bits allows you to track important information about your customers over time. After you create customers, you can register them for your loyalty program, view their purchase history, run customer reports, and more. You can also add your employees as customers in order to give them an employee discount and to ring sales to employees for education samples in Washington.

To add a new customer, log in to the Green Bits back office, visit the Customers section and click Add Person.

From there, just fill out some basic information about your customer:

You can also specify whether your customer is a medical patient or a recreational customer in Green Bits. This allows you to track more information for reporting and compliance purposes. 

Person Type: If you want to create an employee discount and make sure it is applied to your employees only, add your employees as customers and select Employee here.

Medical ID: The ID number on the patient’s medical marijuana id card.

Membership: Designates whether the patient is a member of your medical dispensary. Cashiers can view this information from the register.

Member Since: The date your patient joined your dispensary as a member.

Carry Limit: The specific carry/purchase limit of the patient. You can edit this if your patient has a physician’s note allowing them to purchase more than the default state limit. The register will show a compliance warning only if the patient's purchase amount exceeds this value.

Plant Count: The number of plants a patient has permitted you to grow on their behalf.

Almost all customer information is optional so you can track as much or as little information as you want. Click Save when you have finished adding your customer’s information.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions.

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