Printing Patient Sale Information

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Many states require you to affix additional information to your products when making medical sales. For example, they may require labels to display patients’ state-traceable information along with information about the transaction.

Here’s how you can customize your labels for state compliance.

Before you begin

  • Connect your label printer your local network.
  • Pair your register with your label printer.
  • Configure your store to handle medical transactions.

1. Attach the patient

If you are using our Check In feature, check in the patient. Then meet a checked-in patient at the register, and find or create a patient’s record at the register.

2. Complete the order

When an order has a patient attached, the register will automatically print a label containing the patient’s information.

Note: The register will print one label for each line item in the order. That way labels will have each sale line affixed.

Labels will provide the following information:

  • The patient’s state provided ID number.
  • Your store’s license number.
  • The date of the sale.
  • The quantity of the product sold.

Reprinting the patient information label

Sometimes you need to reprint the patient information label. You can do this in two places.

Note: When you reprint labels, it will print all labels associated with the order as when the order was originally completed.

  1. When you complete the order, you will be presented with a screen where you reprint receipts. You can also reprint the patient sales label here.
  2. You can find the completed order for the patient, tap the receipt button, and you’ll see two buttons appear. One of them will be the reprint labels button.


Make sure that the label printer is connected to your printer local network and retry pairing with your register again.

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