Printing Labels from the Register

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In addition to pre-printing compliant labels from the Back Office and from the Weigh Station, Green Bits also allows you to print labels for weight-based products directly from the register at the time of sale. Read on to learn more.

Before you begin

  • Connect a label printer to your point of sale.
  • If you decide not to use our default, compliant labels, for your state, you can set up your own custom label template
  • Ensure that you have weight-based product to sell.
  • Fill in any of the additional, supported information you want to show on the label under Actions > Edit on each package/lot number.

1. Create the order.

Find the weight-based item you want to sell on the register, or scan its barcode label.

Once you’ve selected the item, you’ll be prompted to type the weight. If you are using our Integrated Scale to weigh the product, the weight reading from your scale will automatically display on the register. Tap the check mark to confirm the weight.

Otherwise, manually enter the weight, then tap the check mark.

2. Complete the order.

Complete the sale and take payment. The register will automatically print labels containing the product information. If this is a medical transaction, patient sale information labels will also print automatically.

Labels printing incorrectly or missing information? Check out our article on What To Do If Your Labels Are Missing Information

Reprinting labels

If you need to reprint labels, we offer two ways to do so.

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