Manually Entering a Manifest

Green Bits will continue to send traceability events to the BioTrack system through January 2, 2018. This means your store can continue to operate exactly as it has previously and remain compliant.

However, vendors are no longer required to use BioTrack, which means there will be rare cases where a manifest will not be synced with Green Bits automatically. In that case, you will need to create a manifest manually and receive products against it. 

Aside from this, your workflow will not change.

Manually creating a manifest

To create and receive a manifest in the back office...

Visit the Inventory section of the Green Bits back office

Click Incoming Inventory

Click Add Manifest

Enter the required manifest information 

  1. Supplier
  2. Reference ID
  3. Transfer Date
  4. Product
  5. Cost Per Unit
  6. Quantity
  7. Barcode
  8. Sample Status
  9. Inventory Type
  10. Package

After you complete these steps, the manifest will be marked as received and your products will include the inventory items from the manifest.

Green Bits will communicate to BioTrack that you have received this manifest.

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