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Green Bits offers a number of settings and features to help you manage customers and keep your checkout lines moving, while also helping to ensure your sales remain compliant.

In this article we'll walk through enabling and using each of these features.

If your store is in Nevada and you sell dual-license products, check in rec customers separate from patients.

I. Customer management settings

The three primary settings relating to customer management are found in the Store Options section of Back Office, under Register Options. Click the check boxes to enable these settings:

Customer Queue: Intended for stores with a front desk/check-in area where a staff member greets customers and admits them to the sales floor, the Customer Queue allows front desk staff to enter new customer information, or look up an existing customer, and then add them to the queue. On the sales floor, a budtender or cashier at the point of sale can then select a waiting customer and ring up their purchases without having to enter the customer's information.

Require Customer Information At Purchase Time: With this setting enabled, a cashier will not be able to complete a transaction without first assigning the transaction to a customer in your existing customer list, or entering a new customer's information at the register.

Important Notes:

  • The register cannot access customer records without an Internet connection. Therefore, if this setting is turned on, you will be unable to make sales if your register goes offline.
  • Under Oregon state law, cannabis retailers may not collect customers' personal information without written consent, and for this reason stores operating in Oregon should not enable this setting. See OLCC Bulletin CE2017-07 for further details.
  • Even with this setting turned off, the register will still require at least a medical patient ID number before beginning a medical sale.

Verify Customer Age At Purchase Time: Requires the cashier to either scan the barcode on a customer's ID or manually enter their date of birth before completing a sale. This would be required on all transactions, even when a customer of legal age has already been checked in and assigned to the transaction, thereby providing redundancy and an extra layer of assurance that your customers are of legal age.

II. Using the Customer Queue in Back Office

To begin using the Customer Queue, enable it in Store Options as described above, then make sure your front desk/check-in staff have at least the following permissions enabled under Roles:

  • Access Back Office
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Patients

Select Customers from the top menu bar, then Customer Queue:

Your existing customer list will be displayed here. Check-in staff can search for a name in the list and click Check In. Customers who have been checked in will then be shown on the right, along with the length of time they've been waiting.

Adding a customer to the queue without saving their information

Customers can be added to the customer queue temporarily without saving any of their personal information by typing their name into the search bar and then clicking Check In:

Verify the customer is of legal age and enter their date of birth. Click Check In again to add the customer to the queue. The customer's name and date of birth will be removed from the system as soon as the cashier completes their purchase.

Adding a customer to the queue and saving their information

If the customer has given you permission to save their information in accordance with local law, click the check box indicating you've received permission, enter the customer's information, then click Save and Check In.

Important notes:

  • Oregon state law requires marijuana retailers to obtain and keep on file written consent to retain customer information. See OLCC Bulletin CE2017-07 for details.
  • In order to process a medical sale, a Patient profile containing a date of birth and valid, current patient ID number must be assigned to the transaction. Oregon stores may, without obtaining written consent, create a patient profile and save only the patient's date of birth and OMMP card number (in the "ID Number" field).

III. Using the Customer Queue at the register

When a cashier signs into the register, the first screen they'll see is the customer queue, showing all waiting customers. Tap any customer name, then Begin Sale to ring up their purchases, or tap Manual Sale to serve a customer who has not been added to the queue. After compleing the sale, the customer will be removed from the queue, and the register will return to the Customer Queue screen.

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