Discount Plans

Green Bits supports the creation of custom discounts that can be applied during checkout. Read on to learn how to set up discount plans to meet your specific needs.

1. Create a new discount plan.

Log in to the Back Office.

Click on Marketing in the top navigation bar, and select Discount Plans from the menu.

Start by clicking Add Discount Plan, then enter the name of the discount as it should appear on the register and on customer receipts.

Note: Discounts will be listed by name in alphabetical order in both Back Office and at the register.

2. Specify your discount settings.

Click Yes or No for the following:

  • Enable - Only enabled discounts appear in the register app. You can disable or enable a discount at any time.
  • Round Up To Dollar - Use this setting to avoid collecting change on percentage-based discounts

3. Select a Discount Type.

  • Enter at Register - Allow users to manually enter the appropriate discount amount at the register.
  • Discount By Percent - Discount the entire sale or specific item by a percentage. When used with the Auto Apply setting (see below), this will apply to the entire sale.
  • Discount Item By Amount - Reduce the price of an item by a specified dollar amount.
  • Discount Item To Amount - Reduce the price of an item to a specified sell price.
  • Discount Sale By Amount  - Discount entire sale by an amount.

4. Set up Conditions (optional).

  • Auto Apply - Automatically apply the discount based upon the Conditions you set.
  • Brand - Set the discount so it is only applicable to products from a specified brand. Make sure the brand name you enter here exactly matches the name entered in the Brand field on individual products.
  • Customer Type - Make the discount applicable only to Customers, Patients, or Employees.
  • Date - Use this condition to make a discount applicable only on, before, or after a specific date, or between certain dates.
  • Is Marijuana - Set this to Yes if you want to exclude all non-marijuana products from a discount.
  • Item Weight - Specify whether a discount is applicable to items of a specific weight, less than or greater than a certain weight, or within a certain range of weights.
  • Product Type - Make the discount only applicable to a certain Product Type
  • Quantity - Use this condition to apply the discount based on item quantity. Note: this condition applies only to multiples of the same SKU.
  • Sell Price - Use this condition to apply the discount to individual items based on item price
  • Tags - Apply the discount based on item tags. Make sure the tag See our Discounts by Tag article for further details.
  • Time - Discounts with this condition will only be available during the specified time of day, such as a "Happy Hour" or "Early Bird" special.
  • Total Weight - Apply the discount based on the total weight of all items on the transaction.
  • Is Member - Applies the discount only if the patient assigned to the sale is desingated as a member.

5. Specify which users can access and apply the discount at the register.

See our Roles and Permissions article for further details.

Special Note on Vendor Reimbursed Discounts:

This setting is used in limited circumstances as required by local tax law. If you're unsure whether this setting is appropriate for your particular discount, consult an accountant, tax professional, or Green Bits support.

When "Vendor Reimbursed Discount" is selected, the tax amount applied to a discounted item will be calculated based on the pre-discount price. For instance, if your customer purchases a $5.00 item ($4.17 base price + $0.83 tax) and you discount this item by $1.00, instead of automatically adjusting the price and tax ($3.33 base price + $0.67 tax), it will reduce the base price to $3.17 and the tax will stay at $0.83.

More questions? We're here to help!

Contact Customer Success at, 877.420.7628, or chat us in the Back Office.

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