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Create custom reports in Green Bits to gain further insight on specific aspects of your sales. By the end of this article you'll understand how to use the advanced reporting features to their fullest potential.

1. Select Reports from the top navigation bar, then click Advanced at the bottom left.

2. Specify the Date Interval.

Select commonly-used date intervals from the drop-down menu such as Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Quarter, etc. Or, click "Choose Specifc Dates" to customize a time frame

3. Build your report.

Specify the information you're looking for in the following drop-down menus:

  • By: This field determines the row values for the report. For example, select "Hour" to see sales separated by time of day.
  • Column: This field determines the column values for the report. You may need to experiment with using different options for this field and the "By" field to find the best way to organize your report.
  • Group By: Use this field to further organize your report to make it easier to read or isolate a particular portion of the report. For example, if viewing By: Product, use Group By: Supplier to organize products by Supplier instead of simple alphabetical order. Or, use Group By: Employee to see individual products sold by each employee.
  • Measure: Specify how the report should measure your sales:

Units - quantity sold of unit-based products

Weight - total weight sold of weight-based products

Dollars - total value of sales

Sales - total number of transactions

Finally, click the update button at the far right to generate a report based on your selections.

4. Tips and tricks:

  • Keep in mind that all sales figures reflect gross sales. Tax, discounts, and returns are reported separately.
  • Select "Account" for the "By", "Column", or "Group By" field to compare sales, discounts, and returns.
  • Need to save or export your report? Click "Download CSV".
  • Looking to isolate a specific variable, such as sales by a particular employee, or sales of a particular item? Search the report on-screen by pushing CTRL + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac).

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