Emergency Mode

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Emergency Mode is intended to keep recreational stores running during brief, mid-shift internet outages.  Ringing patient sales requires access to the internet.

While in Emergency Mode, your store can continue to make sales as long as a customer or patient is not required at checkout. Starting and managing shifts is not supported by Emergency Mode and requires an internet connection.

What do I need to do to turn on Emergency Mode?

Nothing! It happens automatically if your internet is turned off or disconnected. Shifts will also be automatically moved into Emergency Mode in the event we experience a server outage, though it may be necessary to also place the iPads in airplane mode.

How can I tell if I'm in Emergency Mode?

A disabled cloud icon indicates that your register is in Emergency Mode.


Will I lose data?

Nope! The way that Emergency Mode is setup, Budtenders will be able to continue to make sales on the Register without interruption.  Once the internet is turned back on, all sales will be automatically submitted to the back office without any further work needed on your end. 

Please note - If you are in Emergency Mode and you have more than one register,  the quantities between each Register will not be accurate.  Why? When you make a sale with internet on, the sale is immediately pushed to your back office, and then all of your registers are updated with accurate quantities on hand. Without being able to push in the back office, your registers will no longer accurately list your quantities on hand across all registers.

Can I keep my internet always turned off?

Great question, and the short answer is - No.

Why not? Emergency Mode is designed as a temporary solution if your internet goes down. To be able to take advantage of up-to-date inventory in the back office & real-time reporting you will need internet.  

Are there any limitations to Emergency Mode?

Emergency Mode does not work in Medical-Only stores, as it requires Patient Name at checkout.  If your store happens to go offline, you will need to record sales outside of Green Bits, and then when the internet is reconnected you can manually duplicate those sales in the system.  

Emergency Mode does not work if Customer Information is required.  If you have "Require Customer Information At Purchase Time" turned on in your back office and your store frequently disconnects from the internet, you may want to consider upgrading your internet service or turning this feature off. 

Starting and managing shifts is not supported by Emergency Mode and requires an internet connection. While offline, the iPads can't pull shift information from the Back Office. This is not a problem when you have your cash management option set to "Shared Tills", because in that scenario the shift information is stored locally on the iPad.

However if your store uses One Till Per Cashier, in which case the shift is associated with a specific user rather than a specific device, the shift is stored in Back Office, and the register needs to contact Back Office every time a user signs in with their PIN.

As a result, if you have One Till Per Cashier, and a user signs out of the register, or you have auto-signout turned on, if the iPad is offline it won't be able to sign back in until the internet connection is restored.

Changing to Shared Tills may be a good option for you to avoid this sort of thing in the future. I think the "Shared Tills" vs "One Till Per Cashier" terminology can be a bit confusing. "Till" refers specifically to the cash drawer, not the register/device. The intended use case for One Till Per Cashier would be for stores where any budtender can use any register to ring up sales, but must keep track of and balance their own till separately. The Back Office then groups sales by user to compile the shift reports, regardless of which register a sale was rung on. Very few stores operate this way.

If your standard procedure is that each budtender uses one and only one register/till throughout their shift (and based on your shift reports it looks like that's the case), there's really no difference between these two settings, other than the fact that One Till Per Cashier presents a problem if you lose internet connection, which is why I recommend Shared Tills for most stores.

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