Printing Labels from the Weigh Station

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It’s easy. Weigh Flower. Print a Compliant Label. Let your customers keep shopping. 

Some customers like to take their time when they shop for flower. Some customers browse - study your bud, smell it, study trichomes, look at the color, break it open to see the dryness -  and then decide how much and what they would like to purchase. For new customers or connoisseurs, this process can slow down the checkout process. 

At Green Bits, we help to solve this problem with our Weigh Station. With the Weigh Station, you can separate your deli-style flower from customers who are ready to purchase.

It’s a simple three-step process:

  1. Choose the product. 
  2. Weigh the product & get visibility into the cost in real time. 
  3. Print a compliant label & add it to the package. 

Customers can continue to browse, add edibles, swag, or paraphernalia to their cart. When they’re ready to purchase Budtenders at the Register can quickly scan a QR code from the Weigh Station Label with pricing and package information. 

With the Weigh Station: 

  • Faster checkout process 
    • Keep the Register open for customers who are ready to check-out. 
    • Removing bottlenecks allows you to serve more customers
    • More customers = More $$ in your pocket
  • Go Green & Save time 
    • Preprint compliant labels for deli-style products? No more. No more binders of labels. No more handwriting package labels, dates, and weight of flower. 
    • Don’t throw away unused product labels just because you no longer sell this product. Cut down on paper waste.
    • No more pre-printing allows your Inventory Managers to spend more time on things that matter.
  • Easy to use
    • Add tiles for each of your Products
    • Budtenders simply choose the tile, weigh that product, and click “Print”.
    • Fully compliant label is printed with a scannable QR code for easy checkout

Before you begin

Set Up your Flower Tiles

1. Find the product that the customer wants.

2. If it is not in your inventory list, chose "Add to Menu" in the lower right corner.

3.  Search or scroll to find the product you want to weigh out and tap its row. The amount you have in your inventory will be listed on each line.

4. Select the default SKU/package you want to start selling from. You can toggle between different SKUs/packages at any time.

5. The system will send you back to the main screen with a tile added for the product you selected.

6. If you want to remove/rename/move products tiles on the main screen, tap the “pencil” icon on the top right to edit the tiles. Tap the check icon where the pencil icon used to save it.


Note: the Weigh Station will only list weight-based products.

Tip: You can pre-load the Weigh Station with tiles for all the bulk flower products you commonly sell for ease of access.

Note: the Weigh Station will only work offline with products that have been pre-loaded.

Weighing the Product

1. Tap on the tile for the product you want to weigh.

2. Place the product on the scale. The weight reading from the scale will automatically display in the app.

3. Should the scale become disconnected from the tablet for any reason, choose "Enter Weight Manually".  Choose the unit of measure using the drop down, and manually enter the weight on the screen.

4. If you want to change which SKU/package the weight is deducted from, choose "Change Inventory". You can then select a different SKU/package for the product being weighed.

Printing the Label

1. Tap “Print Label”.

2. The printer will generate a label based on our default template for your state, or your custom template. It will fill it with information from the product.

Note: Weighing product and printing a label from the Weigh Station does not affect inventory quantities. The quantity on hand is updated only after the label is scanned and a transaction is completed at the register.


The most common reason that Weigh Station will stop working is due to the printer or scale disconnecting. Check if your devices are connected by clicking on the Devices button.  

Below each device, you can see if it is Connected or Disconnected.  If either is showing that they have been disconnected:

  1. Choose "Remove Printer" and/or "Remove Scale".  
  2. Make sure that the physical connection between your devices is secure.  
  3. Then, follow the connection instructions just like when you set up the Weigh Station.
  4. Follow steps 10 - 14 to set up the Weigh Station App.

Labels printing incorrectly or missing information? Check out our article on What To Do If Your Labels Are Missing Information

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