Printing Weight Labels at the Weigh Station

The Weigh Station allows you to weigh bulk product and print a compliant label that can then be scanned at the register. Read on to learn how.

Before you begin

The process

1. Find the product that the customer wants.

2. If it is not in your inventory list, tap the “plus” icon on the lower right.

3. Scroll to find the product you want to weigh out and tap its row.

4. Select which lot/package you want to start deducting weight from when the product is sold.

5. The system will send you back to the main screen with a tile added for the product you selected.

6. If you want to remove/rename/move products tiles on the main screen, tap the “pencil” icon on the top right to edit the tiles. Tap the check icon where the pencil icon used to save it.


Note: The Weigh Station will only list weight based products.

Tip: You can pre-load the Weigh Station with tiles for all the bulk flower products you commonly sell for ease of access.

Note: the Weigh Station will only work offline with products that have been pre-loaded.

Weighing the Product

1. Tap on the “flower” tile for the product you want to weigh.

2. Put something on the scale. You’ll see the weight on the app change from 0g to the product’s weight on the tablet.

3. Should the scale become disconnected from the tablet for any reason, you can fall back to manual entry by tapping to manually enter the weight.

4. If you want to change which SKU/package the weigh is deducted from, you can tap the “pencil” icon next to the product name to select a different SKU/package for the product being weighed.

Printing the Label

1. Press “Print” on the bottom of the screen.

2. The printer will generate a label based on our default template for your state or your custom template. It will fill it with information from the product.

Note: Weighing product and printing a label from the Weigh Station does not affect inventory quantities. The quantity on hand is updated only after the label is scanned and the transaction is completed at the register.


Make sure that the physical connection between your devices are secure. Follow the instructions above to set up the weigh station hardware again.

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