Installing Beta Weigh Station App

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If you've been directed by Green Bits support to use the beta version of the Weigh Station app, follow the steps below to become a beta user and install the beta app.

1. Become a beta tester.

On your Weigh Station tablet, open the Google Play Store and search "green bits weigh station". Tap Weigh Station, which should be the first search result. On the next screen, scroll down to where you see "Become a beta tester" and tap I'M IN.

You should now see "Beta signup in progress..."

2. Install the beta version.

Within 15 minutes to an hour, check back in the Play Store to see if you've been approved as a beta tester. Depending on the number of beta requests, the Google Play Store may take longer to approve your request. You'll know you're ready to install the beta when you see "You're a beta tester for this app. Awesome!" Click Update to install.

That's it! If at any point you need to uninstall the beta and revert to the regular version of the Weigh Station, see our article on Uninstalling Beta Weigh Station App. Otherwise, you can remain a beta participant indefinitely, and update to future beta versions as they become available.

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