Uninstalling Beta Weigh Station App

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If you're using a beta version of the Weigh Station app and need to revert to the regular version for any reason, follow the steps below.

Note: you can remain a beta participant indefinitely, and these steps are seldom necessary unless recommended by Green Bits support in order to resolve a specific issue. Uninstalling the beta will remove any pre-set flower tiles you've created in the Weigh Station App, and you will need to reconnect the scale and printer after doing so.

2. Leave beta.

Close the Weigh Station app and open the Google Play Store. Search for "green bits weigh station" and tap Weigh Station, which should be the first search result. Scroll down to "You're a beta tester" and tap LEAVE.

3. Uninstall.

Scroll back up to the top, where after a few minutes you should see an UNINSTALL button, and "Beta version is still installed. You might want to uninstall and reinstall this app." Tap UNINSTALL.

4. Reinstall.

Once complete, the Play Store will give you the option to INSTALL once again. Now that you've left the beta, tapping INSTALL will install the non-beta version.

Once you've reinstalled the Weigh Station, open the app, re-link it to your account, and re-connect your hardware, following the steps in our Weigh Station Setup article.

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