Barcode Scanner Setup (Socket Mobile D750)

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1. Charge the scanner.

All scanners must be fully charged before first use. Fully charging the built-in battery can take up to 5 hours. To start charging, pull back the rubber charging port cover and connect the scanner to power using the included USB-C charging cable, or place it in the optional charging cradle or stand (each sold separately).

2. Turn the scanner on

Once your scanner is fully charged, you’ll use Bluetooth to connect the device to the iPad wirelessly. Press the smaller button to turn the scanner on, and listen for one beep.

3. Scan this barcode

When this barcode is scanned successfully, the device will emit a pattern of several beeps/tones. You may need to scan from 1-2 feet away and/or try different angles. This barcode activates iOS mode.

If you're setting up this scanner for use with Back Office rather than the register, skip this step.

4. Go to “Settings” on the iPad

5. Go to “Bluetooth”

6. Tap the device’s name to connect it

Note: the device may initially show up as "Keyboard" - tap to connect, and it should change to a Socket device.

7. Wait for the device’s status to change

After a moment, the device’s Bluetooth status message should change from “Not Connected” to “Connected”.

8. Open the Green Bits app and go to Settings.

9. Tap Barcode Scanner.

10. Wait for a check mark to appear next to "Barcode scanner detected".

If the app is not detecting your barcode scanner, but it shows as Connected in the iPad Bluetooth settings, most likely the barcode in step 3 above did not scan successfully.

11. Confirm the connection by scanning the barcode on the screen.

Return to the Register screen and use the large button to scan a barcode or QR code.

Setting up automatic scanning mode with the optional QX Stand:

The Socket Mobile QX Stand (sold separately) is an optional piece of equipment that charges the scanner and allows for automatic scanning mode. When automatic scanning mode is enabled, the scanner reads barcodes and QR codes automatically without the need to press the scan button.

To enable this mode, prior to pairing the scanner, scan the QR code located on the bottom of the QX stand:

Proceed to pair the scanner with your iPad (steps 5-12 above). Place the scanner in the stand, and position a barcode or QR code label in front of the lense to start ringing up products.

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