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This information applies to states that use Metrc as their traceability system.

If you want to combine combine multiple packages, you can merge them directly in Green Bits without needing to log in to Metrc. Merging packages is helpful when you want to accomplish the following:

  • Combining leftover shake into mix joints.
  • Making a trim/shake mix to sell in bulk for home edibles or making concentrates.
  • To return or transfer the same type of products from several different packages.

1. In the Back Office, go to Settings > Inventory.

2. Select Packages.

3. Select the packages to be merged.

  • Select the packages that you want to merge.
  • Select Merge Selected.

4. Enter the new package/SKU information.

  • Enter the Metrc package ID in the New Package ID field.
  • Enter a SKU.
  • Select a product to associate with the new merged package.
  • Select OK.
  • Review and confirm the information and select Looks Good.

You can view the new merged package in both the Products and Packages views in Green Bits, as well as in Metrc. No need to accept the new package, and no action is required Metrc!

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    Lexi Bernards

    Love this feature!!!! Makes things a LOT easier!

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