Merging Packages

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Merge/combine multiple packages directly in Green Bits without needing to log in to Metrc. You can use package merging to accomplish the following:

  • Combining leftover shake into mix joints
  • Making a trim/shake mix to sell in bulk for home edibles or making concentrates
  • To create unique terpene/other test result profiled mixes
  • To make it easier to return or transfer like items from several different packages

Follow the steps below to merge packages in both Green Bits and Metrc in just a few clicks.

Note: this function is available only for states that use the Metrc traceability system - currently Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska.

1. Navigate to the Inventory section of Back Office

2. Select Packages

3. Select the packages to be merged

Use the check boxes on the left to select two or more packages, then click Merge Selected.

4. Enter the new package/SKU information

In the New Package ID field, enter an available 24-digit Metrc package ID from the tags you have on hand. Designate a SKU and product to associate with the new merged package, then click OK. You'll then be prompted to review and confirm the details before proceeding. If all is correct, click Looks Good.

The new merged package will be immediately reflected in both the Products and Packages views in Green Bits, and also in Metrc. No need to "accept" the new package, and no action is required Metrc!

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    Lexi Bernards

    Love this feature!!!! Makes things a LOT easier!

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