Customer and Patient Profiles

Green Bits now offers additional fields on both Customer and Patient profiles, most notably an open field for customer notes. Use this field to record any additional information about your customers or patients.

You'll see these new fields when adding a new customer or patient profile in Back Office. These new fields can also be accessed via the API. 

Not all of these fields are included in the current version of the Green Bits register app, though they will be added in a future update.

To add a new customer, or edit and add notes to an existing customer, visit the Customers page in Back Office, and click Add New Customer or select one from your list.

Driver's License and State ID Card fields are now in their own section, separate from contact information fields:

Patients now have a separate section for Medical ID information:

Lastly, at the bottom, all customers and patients now have both an open-text Referral Source field (record how your customers heard about your store, such as from Weedmaps, Leafly, Facebook, or other marketing campaigns), as well as an open-text field for any additional notes.

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