Register Label Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

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Green Bits offers three basic ways to print your product labels: from the Back Office, from the Weigh Station, and from the register/point of sale. In this article, we'll walk through the steps for connecting your label printer to the register.

Note: if you are using your label printer in conjunction with our Integrated Scale hardware, consult our Integated Scale Setup article.

Before you begin

  • Check your Internet connection
  • Make sure you have all the necessary hardware (see below)
  • Make sure you have an available Ethernet connection on your router or network switch.

Checklist of hardware

  • Zebra label printer model ZD410, LP 2824, or GX420d (Nevada only)
  • Label printer power cord
  • Ethernet cable

1. Connect the printer to power

Using the power cord that came with your printer, connect to any available outlet or power strip (ZD410 shown).

2. Load labels

For Zebra LP 2824 - See Zebra's LP 2824 Manual, page 13.

For Zebra ZD410 - See Zebra's ZD410 Manual, page 30.

For Zebra GX420d - See Zebra's GX420d Manual, page 15.

3. Connect the printer to your network with an Ethernet cable

Connect an Ethernet cable to the port on the back of your printer. Connect the other end of the cable to an available LAN port on your router, network switch, or Wi-Fi extender. Typically these ports will be labeled "LAN" and/or numbered. Make sure not to connect to any port labeled "WAN" or "Internet".

4. Turn on the printer

ZD410 - Power button located on the top of the printer

LP 2824 - Switch located on the right side of the printer

GX420d - Switch located on the back of the printer

5. Open the Green Bits Register app

From the sign-in screen, tap the gear in the upper left, or, if already signed in, tap the 3 horizontal lines near the upper left to access the left-side menu, then tap Settings.

In Settings, tap Label Printer.

Any label printer(s) connected to the same network as the iPad will show up automatically after 5-10 seconds. If your printers do not display, tap Search For Printers.

Tap a printer to assign it to this iPad. Each printer will be identified by its serial number (also printed on a sticker on the bottom of the printer) and IP address.

Tap Test Print to confirm connection to the correct printer. If successful, you're ready to print and reprint package labels from the register.

If your printer does not display automatically:

Verify the printer's connection to your network by printing a configuration report.

To print a configuration report:

For Zebra LP 2824: Press and hold the blue-green button shown below for 2-3 seconds until the green light flashes once, then release. The configuration report will now print.

For Zebra ZD410: Press and hold the feed and cancel buttons for 2 seconds. As soon as the configuration report begins to print, release the buttons.

For Zebra GX420d: Press and hold the feed button shown below for 2-3 seconds until the green light flashes once, then release. The configuration report will now print.

Note the IP Address printed on the "Network Configuration" label.

Check the IP address of your iPad to verify the printer and iPad are connected to the same network.

In this example, our printer's IP address is (ignore any leading zeros on the Network Configuration label). In order to connect this printer to your iPad, the iPad must be connected to an IP address with the same first 3 sets of numbers, or 10.47.6.

Exit the Green Bits app and tap the Settings icon on your iPad home screen, then tap the Wi-Fi menu. The currently connected Wi-Fi network name will display near the top, with a check mark on the left. To check the IP address of the current network tap the "i" on the far right:

Tip: By default, your iPad will automatically change Wi-Fi networks if it detects a stronger signal that is not password-protected, such as from a neighboring business, or even a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot such as a customer's smartphone. If your iPad changes to another Wi-Fi network, it will lose connection with your Ethernet receipt printer and also any Ethernet label printers.

Therefore, we strongly recommend turning on the "Ask to Join Networks" setting. Scroll to the bottom of the Wi-Fi menu to toggle on this setting.

On the next screen compare the IP Address to the configuration label from earlier. In this example our iPad is connected to, while our printer is connected to This indicates the iPad is connected to the wrong Wi-Fi network, or there may be a firewall, network switch, or other network hardware or settings preventing the two devices from communicating. Connect the iPad to the correct networ, or consult your network administrator or an IT professional to determine how to get the printer and iPad connected to the same IP address.

If the IP address of your printer and the IP address of your iPad have the same first 3 sets of numbers, but the printer still does not display in the Green Bits app settings, try force-quitting the Green Bits app and check again.

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