What To Do If Your Labels Are Missing Information

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Whether you're printing package labels from the Back Office, from the register/point of sale, or from a Weigh Station, if you notice your labels are missing any required information for compliance such as strain name, THC test results, or cultivator information, check the following in Back Office to quickly resolve the issue.

Product-level details

The information included on your labels is pulled from multiple locations in the Back Office, at both the product level and at the package level.

Product-level details are what you see when you select an item in your Products list, such as product type, name, supplier, brand, pricing - in other words, aspects that apply to all associated SKUs, packages, lots, etc.:

Package/lot-level details

Package- or lot-level details, by contrast, vary by package/lot/shipment of this product. These include package IDs/lot numbers and their individual quantities on hand, harvest batch information, harvest date, testing results, etc. These details are entered individually by package or lot number. To view or edit these, scroll to the bottom of your product details, select a SKU, package ID, or lot number, and click Actions > Edit:

This takes you to the Edit Inventory screen. Here we see that if we were to print a label for this SKU, the label would be missing nearly all required information. Simply fill in the necessary blanks, save your changes, and reprint the label either from Back Office, from the register/point of sale, or from the Weigh Station:

Frequently Asked Questions
What label information is pulled from what fields in Back Office?

The only product-level information that prints on your labels is the Weight, Strain, and Flower Type:

All other details on your labels come from the package/lot-level "Edit Inventory" screen, including the test results.

Why are there "Test Results" fields at both the product and package/lot levels?

The test results you see at the product level are used for two primary purposes not related to labeling:

Product categorization and organization - Entering product-level test results is optional, but may come in handy. For instance, if a customer asks if you have any flower in stock that is above a given THC percentage, you can filter your products list to see only flower matching the customer's request.

Displaying THC/CBD percentages on online menu listing services - If you've set up a menu feed integration, the THC and CBD percentages listed will be those entered at the product level, because different packages/lots of the same strain and supplier may have slightly different test results, and also because pacakge/lot-level information is not used in menu integrations. Because results often vary by package/lot, product-level test results should represent an approximate average of test results. Menu integration settings will also allow you to show test results within an approximate range, based on your product-level test result entries.

Why does my product-level quantity not match the package/lot quantity below?

You may notice apparent discrepancies product-level quantity and SKU/package/lot-level quantity, such as in the example below:

Note that the product-level quantity reflects the total of all associated packages/lots, including those that have been marked unsellable. By default, you'll only see sellable inventory down below. Click Show All to change the view so that you can see all individual package/lot quantities:

Why is the product name missing from my package label?

The package label does not use what you've entered in the product's Name field, rather, it uses the Strain field. If you have a label that is missing the strain name in the upper left corner, find the product in Back Office and fill in the Strain field.

This way you can use your own internal naming convention without printing irrelevant information on the label. For instance, you may choose to name a product "Blue Dream 1g Pre-Rolls (Top Shelf)" but only the strain name "Blue Dream" will print on the label.

Why is information on my label overprinting/looking jumbled?

This may be simply due to your entries being above the character limit that the label can accept for a given field. Check the package/lot-level details and see if there appears to be an especially long Cultivator Name, for example, and see if there's any way you can abbreviate it.

In rare instances, issues like this may be unrelated to anything in Back Office, and may be resolved by resetting your label template.

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