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By building strong cash management and close out procedures, your team can have effective internal controls to manage your two most common and valuable liquid assets: inventory and cash.

Closing procedures should occur at the end of each shift change and/or close of business day. With check and balances in place and by using Green Bits tools, your financial information in the Back Office can be up-to-date and accurate for easy end of day reconciliations. 

With the below recommendations, and other best practices guides such as Ensuring your Cash is Correct at the Register, Green Bits is here to help you and your team succeed. 

Balancing your Cash Drawer at the Register

Balancing each of your Tills usually takes place at the end of the day or at the end of a cashier's shift.  Green Bits gives customers the ability to balance your cash drawer on the sales floor in the Register App, or to enter it in the Back Office. 

To balance your Cash Drawer on the Sales Floor

  1. At the end of the shift and/or at the close of business day go to Manage Drawer on each of your tills.
  2. Click on Open Cash Register Drawer to remove all of the cash from your Drawer. 
  3. Click End Drawer to enter the cash amounts and end your shift. 

4. If you are placing the starting cash on-hand back into the cash drawer for the next shift or to be stored for the evening, enter this amount in Left in Drawer.  At the beginning of the next shift, make sure the cashier recounts the cash in the drawer to verify the beginning balance.

5. Count and recount the remaining cash in the drawer and enter it in Cash Drop. 

6. Once you are certain that your cash is correctly entered, click End Drawer. 

TIPS & TRICKS - For easier cash counting, tap the cash button next to each drop field and enter the quantities of each denomination.

7. Immediately deposit your cash balance somewhere safe off of the Sales floor. This will help you cut down on theft and loss.

TIPS & TRICKS - All starting drawer receipts, pay-in and pay-out receipts, end of drawer receipts and other register receipts can be stored inside of the Till.  Include these receipts in your end of day drop amounts for your team to include in the Daily Sales Report and filed by date.

Stay Safe

As a predominantly cash-only business, dispensaries open themselves up for a higher threat of robberies.  If balancing the drawer after closing, a safe practice is to never count cash until your sales floor lights are off and your door is locked. Closing before the store is locked is not a safe practice. If you have multiple employees in the store it's easier to count cash during open hours, especially between shifts, but you may want to consider Balancing your Cash Drawers in the Back Office (see below).

Add Checks & Balances

For more accountability, consider using two people to balance the cash register. One person will count the drawer on the sales floor or back office,  while the other person re-counts and reconciles any discrepancies. Both staff members could sign and end of day report and share responsibility for the cash amounts. While Green Bits cannot prevent fraud, this audit trail can help to discourage theft or any accidental miscalculations.

Balancing your Cash Drawer in the Back Office

The most common practice for balancing cash at the end of the day is to take the cash drawer and its contents off of the sales floor, usually to a secluded area. 

To balance your Cash Drawer in the Back Office

  1. Follow steps 1-3 above. 
  2. Choose Enter Later and remove all cash and stored receipts from the Till. 
  3. When you're ready to reconcile, log into the Back Office and go to the  Shifts page.
  4. Select the shift associated with the corresponding Till. Please note - shifts with missing closing amounts will be denoted by an orange icon with an exclamation point.

5. If you are placing the starting cash on-hand back into the cash drawer for the next shift or to be stored for the evening, enter this amount in Left in Drawer and set this amount to the side. 

6.  Count and recount the remaining cash amounts on hand. Once you have confirmed the ending drawer amount, enter this in the Drop Amount.

7. Press Save. 

Cash out your Till at the iPad with the Shift Report

Green Bits Register is designed to enter blind cash drops when ending drawers.  This design is to ensure the accuracy of the closing cash amounts on the sales floor. 

Some customers wish to be able to see the Net Cash for the shift prior to closing the drawer. This is especially helpful for Shift Managers or Supervisors who prefer to reconcile their cash on the sales floor. 

If you want to see the Shift Report Details including Net Cash amounts on the register, there is a simple work around: 

  1. On the iPad, minimize the Register App. 
  2. Open Google Chrome.  If you don't have the Google Chrome app, you can download it from the App Store.
  3. Go to and Log into to Back Office with your username. You must have permissions to see Shift Reports.
  4. Go to Reports > Shifts and click on the open shift associated with that Till. 
  5. Use the "Current Amount" to verify how much cash should be in the Till.  The  number is your Opening Amount, plus Net Cash, minus Paid Outs, & plus Paid Ins.  
  6. Toggle between Google Chrome and the "Manage Shifts" screen on the Register to compare what in your drawer versus what is expected.

Investigating your Cash Overages & Shortages

To investigate any Overages or Shortages, follow our guide to Reconciling your Shifts.

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